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Our beans carry flavor—no matter what kind of cuisine you’re preparing.

With unparalleled versatility and popularity, Bush’s Best® can take your menu to new places—literally. A key ingredient in an array of different kinds of cuisine, our beans offer great taste on their own while also working well with a wide range of culinary expressions.

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Another thing to consider is that beans can be used interchangeably. And with the variety of different beans available from Bush’s Best®, you have an opportunity to reinvent the same dish time and time again.

“[Beans’] gentle, earthy flavor makes them the perfect vehicle for the exciting range of flavors in today’s globally-inspired kitchen.”

—Chef Molly Stevens
Food writer, Author & Teacher

Can Do Counter: 1

No matter where you find yourself, you’ll always find beans on the menu.

Consider the global reach of beans and you’ll quickly realize they’re an important ingredient in thousands of different recipes worldwide. If you’re thinking about bringing more ethnic options to your menu, beans can be the beginning of it all.

“Beans are an important part of many cultures, and the rise in popularity of regional and ethnic cuisine means beans will continue to be a big part of restaurant menus to come.”

Bobby Flay, Food Network Celebrity Chef

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Interest in global cuisine made with beans continues to grow. A great “canvas” for flavor and texture, beans are an enticing option for operators and patrons alike.

Call it adventurous eating, changing demographics or just plain curiosity, but statistics reveal promising numbers for exciting new menu items.

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